«Modern Information Tecnology 2018»
Welcome to the VIII International Academic Conference of Young Scientists and students "Modern Information Technology 2018"
23-25 May 2018
20 April 2018
Deadline for paper submission
1 May 2018
Deadline for notification of paper acceptance or rejection
5 May 2018
Fee payment deadline
This year the MIT conference is devoted to centenary of the Odessa National Polytechnical University!
Authors of unique (original) papers describing research in the areas of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematical Modelling etc. from Ukraine and abroad are invited to take part in the conference. Plenary Sessions will be dedicated to the reports of the invited eminent scholars. Accepted refereed papers will appear in the conference proceedings as well as on the conference website.

MIT-2018 will take place in Odessa National Polytechnic University, one of the oldest engineering training institutions in Ukraine, was founded in 1918.

ONPU stable long-term international scientific and technical cooperation links created high reputation of "Polytechnics" abroad. The university develops reliable promising collaborative contacts to UNESCO headquarters and Directorate, the European center of higher education, General agency of the international educational programs. Today ONPU efficiently cooperates with educational, scientific and industrial centers at 20 foreign countries. 2000 year running there began the activity of UNESCO Chair at OSPU.

The Odessa National Polytechnic University is the member of the European University Association and the International Association of Universities. It dignitly represents our country in the market of world higher education.

This year we hope a large number of talented reports to participate in a conference and to hold many fascinating discussions!
We're waiting for you in Odessa!
Conference objectives
    Stimulating creative professional activity of young scientists
    Creating favourable conditions for presenting results of youth work to the international scientific community
    Facilitating exchange of experience and ideas among young scientist presenting various scientific schools
    Engaging student body in scientific research
    Making the youth familiar with the latest research results and brand-new tendencies in the sphere
    Competition in computer game design
    During the conference will be held competition for computer game design based on the robotic futurology of Stanislaw Lem: narrative design and game rules, computer game prototyping.
    Additional information: http://opu.ua/mit/gamedesign
    Conference Areas
    Software engineering
    - Methodologies and technologies of software development
    - Quality assurance of software systems
    - Computer Systems Databases
    - Methods and means of data mining
    - Analysis of big data
    - Protection of the information in computer systems
    Information systems and data analysis
    - Information technology in automated systems of data processing and saving
    -Methods and algorithms of image recognition of objects and processes
    - Artificial intelligence systems and neural networks
    - 3D modeling and stereo visualization
    - Wireless information and communication technology
    Mathematical simulation of technological processes
    - Mathematical simulation of technological processes
    - Systems analysis and optimal decision theory
    - Adaptive systems
    - Decision making in risk and uncertainty
    - Electromechanical systems control
    - Research and design of electromechanical converters
    - Modern systems of power supply and energy saving
    Computer systems and networks design and diagnostics
    - Computer distributed systems and networks
    - Intellectual computer systems
    - Control, reliability and guarantee of computer systems
    - Highly productive parallel computer systems
    Computer systems and components
    - Components of computer systems: research, analysis, design
    - Signals and images processing
    - Specialized computer systems and platforms: architectures, research, analysis, programming
    - General principles of robot systems development
    - Cognitive and intellectual systems in robotics
    - Robot systems design
    - Programming of robot systems
    Computer game systems
    - Gamification of socio-cultural and business processes
    - Design of computer games
    - Computer graphics and modeling of physical processes
    - Computer games in education
    Submission Requirements

    Participation fee 150 UAH for one publication.

    Book of abstracts will be published before the beginning of the conference.

    The fee should be paid after you get an e-mail with notification of your paper acceptance. Program of the conference and book of abstracts will be given out to the conference participants during the registration or sent by post.


    Payment terms will be determined after receipt of the application the participant


    1. Application and abstracts submitted TOGETHER!

    2. Before you create an application you should issue abstracts according to a pattern located on: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1em94F6LeTuc1WKFQzKBj-tjNDHaAoabD/view?usp=sharing.

    3. To apply and abstracts you should follow the link: https://form.jotformeu.com/70191425383353.

    4. Strictly 2 pages of text are acceptable (it is allowed to leave empty not more than 3 lines on the second page).

    5. Text ought to be done in MS Word (*.doc).

    6. All images should be done in black and white or grey colours.

    7. Name of the file with paper must contain name of the first author and number of the section (e.g., Ivanov5.doc).

    8. Presentation materials ought to be prepared in electronic version either in PowerPoint 2000/XP/2003 or PDF.

    9. In case of paper lay-out violation organization committee reserves the right to reject the paper.
    Conference Organizers

    Odessa National Polytechnic University

    Institute of Computer Systems
    Conference venue
    Odessa - a city on the Black Sea, the administrative center of the Odessa region, one of the largest ports of Ukraine, a large industrial, cultural, scientific, and resort center, site roads and railways. Hero City. According to the number of inhabitants (1,005,591 in 2010 r.) Ranks fifth in the country.
    Conference partners
    Committees of the conference
    Program committee

    Hennadii Oborskyi professor, rector of Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU), the Ukraine Academy of Engineering Sciences Member, honored Worker of the National Education of Ukraine


    Sergiy Nesterenko
    professor, vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical, and educational work of ONPU

    Svitlana Antoshuk professor, director of the Institute of Computer Systems (ICS) ONPU

    Elena Arsiriy professor, head of the information systems department, ICS ONPU

    Oksana Babilunga associate professor of the information systems department, ICS ONPU

    Oleksandr Blazhko
    associate professor of the systems software department, ICS ONPU

    Olexander Drozd professor of the computer intellectual systems and networks department, ICS ONPU

    Viktor Krisilov professor, head of the systems software department, ICS ONPU

    Stanislav Marulin PhD, head of the laboratory "R-Navigator", ONPU

    Sergiy Polozhaenko
    professor, head of the computer management systems department, ICS ONPU

    Valery Sitnikov
    professor, head of the computer systems department, ICS ONPU

    Viktoria Ruvinska professor of the systems software department, ICS ONPU

    Ruslan Shaporin associate professor, head of the computer intellectual systems and networks department, ICS ONPU

    Birute Yukhimenko
    professor, head of the applied mathematics and information technologies department, ICS ONPU

    Olena Vlasenko
    Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu, Polska

    Volodymyr Brovkov professor of the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany

    Thorsten Schöler professor of the University of Applied Science, Augsburg, Germany

    Volker Herwig professor of the University of applied sciences in Erfurt, Germany

    Jürgen Sieck professor of the University of applied sciences of Berlin, Germany

    Olga Dziabenko research project coordinator at Deusto LearningLab, University of Deusto, Spain

    Katarzyna Gdowska PhD, department of Operations Research, AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland
    Organization committee
    Nadegda Beglova head of the laboratory "R-Navigator", ONPU

    Igor Blinov vice-director of ICS ONPU

    Nikolay Kuznecov
    vice-director of ICS ONPU

    Director of ICS ONPU : +38 (048) 705-85-25 (401f).

    Vice-director of ICS ONPU: +38 (048) 705-85-28 (401f).

    Secretaries: +38 (048) 705-84-76 (401f).


    +38 (050) 846-34-08 – Oleksandr Blazhko

    +38 (067) 904-09-02 – Svitlana Antoshuk

    +38 (095) 681-82-68 – Stanislav Marulin

    E-mail: mit.odessa@gmail.com
    1, Shevchenko av., ONPU, ICS ,65044, Odessa, Ukraine room 904
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